I’m so sad about my life and where it is at this point. I just wanna cry.

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I seriously keep ruining things for myself. When will I ever stop?

If it wasn’t me, it would have been someone else. He was going to do it as long as he could until he got caught. Don’t you understand? He doesn’t want me in that way, so why are so you mad for? He treated me like absolute garbage, why are you mad for? I may have messed around with him, but the thing you have to realize is that we never had anything emotional going on. One of the most bardes things to face is emotional betrayal. I didn’t hurt you like that, he did. 

Just leave me the fuck alone because my part is over. You have a choice to end your part too but your self-confidence is so low, it makes me chuckle. How can you still be with someone who did that to you? After everything, why are you still with him. I know it hurts you when you think about it, but yes remember he had his lips on some other girl he barely even knew. He can do it again in heartbeat. He doesn’t care about you. He never will. 

I still didn’t get what I expected to happen. Why is they my life always fucks me over? It’s like causation from repetitions is not in my favor. It’s so hard for anything good to happen yet there is so much bad that occurs.

I almost self-harmed. I was so close. So fucking close.

I hate life. I hate myself. I hate everyone.

"I want you."

These words are what utters through their lips when their veil of faultiness is ripped off. Their truths begin to become lies and their minds begin to show wraths of hell. Their intentions become greed and their hearts are unmasked with their true colors.

It’s as if these words will always be the words that will destiny my life. They contain the words of lust. Is that all I will ever be? To them? To anyone?

"I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter."

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"Just because two people are capable of deeply hurting each other over and over again does not make them passionate, star-crossed lovers. It makes them two people who keep doing terrible things to each other. Someone’s ability to make you completely and utterly soul-crushingly miserable does not mean they are a soul mate with some deep insight into your psyche. They are just someone who is really good at making you unhappy."

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I will always continue to destroy myself.

I’ve allowed myself to be disposed.

The most fucked up year of my life